About the Roundtable

Using Board Intelligence research, the ICAEW’s new report Information Overload — Effective Boards and Committees in Financial Services highlights a common problem in Financial Services boardrooms. Board packs are continuing to increase in size, sometimes breaching 1,000 pages. It is not humanly possible for a director to read, understand and digest this level of information and ultimately make the required decisions requested, in the limited time available.

Join Board Intelligence, the ICAEW, and industry leaders to discuss these findings, and learn what tangible steps can be taken to implement effective changes within your company.


Board Intelligence

Boards need high-quality information to take smart decisions. With Board Intelligence you can create effective board packs, drive better conversations, and let your board work at their best. Make it easy for management to write reports half the size, twice the impact, and put these papers securely at the fingertips of your board.

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