About the Roundtable

As firms embed the Senior Managers and Certification Regime, many wonder if they’re doing a good job. Have they addressed what SMCR means for compliant and effective reporting? Is it possible to benchmark themselves? And how can SMCR make their lives easier, not harder?

Join our breakfast roundtable in London to find out the 5 key steps that any company can take to assess where they are on their SMCR governance journey.

Our Work With SMCR

We've previously run a series of breakfasts (SMCR: A Missed Opportunity?) and webinars around SMCR, its impact, and how to address its challenges. To access our recap podcast and its accompanying slides, click here.

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We exist to help boards make smart decisions, and believe that better discussions in the boardroom drive better outcomes for shareholders, employees and society.

We address the problem of poor quality board information by making it easy for management to write papers that are half the size, twice the impact, and putting these papers at the fingertips of the board.